Getting Started!

Now that you have done your own research and are set to try out 1Pool.finance, here is a brief user guide to help you!
This is neither extensive nor exclusive but can serve as a basic guide if you are new to Defi or cryptocurrency in general.

First thing first!

Your private keys are your ownership of your digital assets. If you lose or compromise your private keys, you are most likely to lose your funds.
The Seed phrase ( Secret Recovery Phrase) is a unique 12-word phrase generated when you first set up MetaMask or Binance Chain Wallet.
Your funds are connected to that phrase. If you ever lose your password, your Secret Recovery Phrase allows you to recover your wallet and your funds.

Under NO circumstance, should you give someone your private key or recovery phrase ("seed phrase"). This will give someone complete access to your crypto!

1POOL team will never ask for your private key or seed phrase.

With that cautionary note, let's get started on your crypto journey!